Mom’s recipe ( Colocassia leaves lentil)

Let’s talk about mom’s recipe, cooking daal ( lentil) for Nepali Meal daal bhat. We cook different daal for Nepali meal each day. So our meal goes interesting. As season, colocassia leaves are found in June/ July, a rainy season in Nepal. This vegetable is a huge source of vitamin A. So it is very good for our eyes, for our digestive system. It tastes really good while eating with rice. 36760326_10216632597309420_2596013194459742208_n


Ingredients and cooking method,

1. Colocassia leaves some. Clean it well before you cut.

2. Some salt as your taste

3. some turmeric powder about half tea spoon.

4. some beans, any type like brown soyabeans/ rajma beans. About one small bowl.

5. some rice washed water about half big bowl. All leaves should drown under it. You can use cooked rice or raw rice instead.

6. some red chilies and some fat of any meat , better goat meat fat dried properly. If not some butter.

Firstly you need to cut leaves in to really small pieces, as much as you can in julienne style. 36866253_10216632596829408_8836031974633111552_n


36639373_10216632597829433_5360089086277189632_nNow you need to mix rice washed water, all cut leaves,  beans, salt and turmeric powder. Now cook it well in a pressure cooker. 36786383_10216632596989412_5253340981259927552_n36763226_10216632597509425_337107984448487424_n

Now you need to make hot some oil and fry those cut pieces of goat fat or make hot butter. then fry those red dry chilies till brown. Then chhonk it on well cooked daal. And it should be thik daal. Rady to serve. 36788596_10216632597549426_760255713002913792_n



Wine can be made at home?? I was quite surprised when i hear the very first time. Ramesh Ram Shrestha, very good friend and brother told me the recipe of and made a promise with me i will make it for sure. And i did it from last year. I started from black grapes. Was awesome. Ramesh dai graded it ” A” quality. And so do our guests from Pagoda who i let it taste it.

So then i did some more wine of normal grapes, plums, mangoes,oranges. It is good to make wine of any juicy sweet fruits like pomegranate, pears etc. Yes, of course grapes is the best.

Let me tell you what Ramesh dai has given me the recipe about grape wine. If you want to make other fruits just you can take any juicy fruit instead of grapes. Rest ingredients are same.

Short ingredients :

1. Grapes – 1 and half kg

2. sugar 1 and half kg ( same amount of fruit or if you like more sweet add or not keep bit less.

3. one egg white

4. 50 grams of wheat grain

5. 20 grams of dry yeast.

6. warm water 2.75 liters

Now you need to clean all your needy utensils clean with hot water. Your hand should be cleaner with hot water as well or you can wear gloves instead.  You need a plastic jar with tight cover and need to keep it in cold place.

First take yeast and put very hot water and soak until it gets well puffed up. Then add all the ingredients in to the warm water. Stir it well. and keep it in cool place with tight cover. You need to stir it everyday about 2/3 minutes. Thats it!! Leave it for 22 days. And then on 23 rd day you need to sieve it. Use white piece of cotton cloth and a siever to keep the liquid apart. When you are done to keep liquid apart put liquid in to a jar again. Then  keep it for more 22 days. Liquid goes cleaner with awesome color. Then on 23rd day pour that clean liquid, wine in to a bottle and put it in to freeze. When it is chilled it is ready to serve with any of your snack to your guests. I bet they will give you very much of good complements for sure.



Simi daal( lentil) , dedicated to Sabine and Arthur Spooner from Australia!

Hello and Namaste to you dear Sabine and Arthur,

Hope you are doing well back home. We are very happy to post your request ‘Simi daal” for  this month. Hope you will make at home and get me back with your comment. I remember you wanted this recipe to use it as a soup at home in winter to make you warm before your dinner or supper. Yes, this is really a good idea. Or you can cook rice and veg to use this daal.

Actually cooking daal of all kind is  almost the same. You can make daal of different kind of lentil grains. Like green daal ( mung), black daal ( Maas ), Yellow daal ( rahar or chana or Musuri). You can make daal with different beans as well. It is good changing the kind as we use two times a day as a main course, daal bhat in Nepal.

Ingredients !

1. Simi ( red beans) either  kept in water overnight ( it’s easier to cook if it is kept in water overnight ) about a bowl for two

2. Some turmeric powder about one small spoon.

3. Some salt as your taste

4, Some  oil ( mustard oil is better) about two one big spoon

5, Some cumin about one small spoon

6. Some water about 4 bowls

7. some chopped garlic about one spoon

In the picture we kept two bowls of beans, one is  kept in water over night and one is dried. If you have pressure cooker you can cook it dried . If not you are cooking in other pot you need to use the one with kept in water overnight. Put simi in cooker and put water and salt, turmeric powder and cook it in medium or low flame , when it is cooked well. Make a small pan hot and put mustard oil, then make it hot. After that you need to put cumin to fry until it is black brown and put the chopped garlic to fry till it is brown. Now put that to the daal and stir it . Your daal is ready, serve it hot with rice of roti.This is normal daal bhat we eat twice a day here in Nepal. I ate it after posting to you !! 😛 super delicious ….yummy yummy yummy!!

Lungs fry!! Newari snack !!

Have you ever tried this snack ??? This is one of known fried item in Newar community. It is very delicious with rice wine and other wine as well. During Newari feast this is one of a must food.

Ingredients :

1. Lungs( best is goat lungs)

2, white wheat flour

3. some eggs

4. salt to taste

5. some oil

6. some turmeric powder

7. some cumin powder

8. some red chilly powder


Mixed chatamari (Newari pizza)

This delicious  food is good to eat as main course. A plate is full for me to kill my hunger.  May be same for you, too. It is made on a rice flour bread called chatamari in Newari language. Looks like pizza so better to say Newari pizza to youngsters.

Ingredients :

1. Rice flour about one and half cup

2. Buff keema or chicken keema or only veg keema if you are vegetarian.

3. some round sliced tomatoes, onions, green chilly, Capsicum chilly plus some chopped onion and green coriander leaves.

4 salt as your taste

5. some oil about two table spoon

6. some garlic/ ginger paste about a table spoon

7. some cumin powder about one tea spoon

8. some turmeric powder about half tea spoon

9. some soya sauce about one tea spoon

First make rice flour adding water and little salt as your taste, like liquid rice flour, not very thin but thick typed.Then mix all the masalas and buff keema and chicken keema with chopped onion and green coriander leaves,  veg only  for the vegetarian.Now put a pan on a stove with low flame. Put some oil and make a bread with that liquid rice flour and cook it for a while until it looks half cooked.Until the bread is cooking, make another pan hot  and fry the mixed meat with some oil in a pan. Fry it well until it looks brown.Now put that fried mixed meat on a bread.Then put all sliced onion, capsicum, chilly and tomatos.Cook this for some time in low flame with a pan cap covering.Add stir egg one or two as you like on this mixed bread and cook it again in low flame.

After it is cooked cut in to pieces and serve it hot.Write me how is it????? Thanks!! 🙂

Buff keema curry (MOM's recipe)

Let’s talk about meat item today. This is called buff keema curry. I have been eating this item since my childhood. I just love to have it with rice in the morning meal . Here in Newar family this is common food. Especially children like it. We can cook this with other meat as well like chicken, mutton, turkey etc. But buff meat ( water buffalo) is the best.You can have this curry with beaten rice or with roti as well. Ingredients :

1 Minced buff, the portion is as much u want.

2. some chopped garlic.

3. some chopped ginger.

4, some chopped onion.

5. some masalas like turmeric powder, cumin powder, salt, mustard oil.

6. some garlic and ginger paste , some chopped tomatos, some chopped coriander leaves and some ghee ( butter ).


First fry chopped ginger in some oil. Add chopped garlic and fry with ginger, then add chopped onion till it comes brown. Then mix all those fried ginger, garlic and onion in minced meat. Add garlic and ginger paste, salt, turmeric powder, cumin and red chilly powder. Add some mustard oil and mix it properly. Keep it about 15 mins. Now we need to hot karahi ( deep pan). Put mustard oil and make it hot then put little turmeric powder, then fry the mixture. We need to fry it till all water part goes. More fry  till it looks brown. Then add chopped tomatos and fry again. Boil some water in different pot at the same time, as much the sauce you need. The mixture should be deep down in added water. So you can have sauce. Cook it for some time after adding water for sauce. Not much about 5/6 mins. Till gets all boil well. Then top it with chopped coriander leaves and some ghee ( butter) it is ready to eat. You can serve it with rice, roti, beaten rice.Hmmmm, i’m going to enjoy this KEEMA CURRY  with rice. You too, enjoy!!!!Thank you very much ;). Hope you will try and let me know how it taste for you??? :);) 😛

Friends double click on pictures to view closer view! 😉 Thanks!

Mom's recipe 2 (Colocassia leaves)

Rice , daal and this green  Colocassia  curry is …….. hmmmmmmm……..mitho chha( delicious)…….very much.

We find this vegetable green in summer and we get it’s root as potato in winter. This plant is a good source of vitamin A and of course good for eyes. We can make it as curry or daal ( lentil). And easily grown in valley. We make it with potatoes, beans, soya beans , what sort of beans  you like to mix with, you can use it. One thing you need to be careful to find the one which we can eat. We need to see the steam, it should be white and softer. If it is red and hard can be not good to eat. So when we try to buy it just be careful to buy the good one.


1. some Colocassia green leaves new rolled ones are better  and it’s peeled steam, root part chopped ones.

2. some chopped potatoes with skin.

3. some soaked soya or other red or white beans.

4. half table spoon of turmeric powder

5. some mustard oil.

6. some fenugreek seeds.

7. some salt as taste.

8 some red chilly powder as your taste.

9. one table spoon of cumin powder.

10. one spoon of garlic paste.

11. one table spoon of ginger paste.

12. one table spoon of grinned red pepper.

13. some chopped tomatoes.

14. some (3/4 pieces) of green chillies.

15. some lime juice.

First, clean Colocassia plant properly.  Keep in a sieve till it’s water goes. After the plant gets bit dry, then you need to cut the leaves in to pieces, new leaves rolled in to knots, steam should peel off properly and make it in to pieces by hand. After peeling off the skin of steam, do not clean it with water.

Then keep a deep pan hot. Put mustard oil and make it hot and fry fenugreek seed till it gets black then fry some turmeric powder for color, quick and at the  same time put chopped potatoes and chopped root part of Colocassia plant,  to fry. Then when it gets bit red fry the beans, till it gets red. Then put Colocassia leaves and it’s steam together. Fry all together for few minutes until water part vapors away. Then put all masalas , paste of ginger garlic, cumin powder, red chilly powder, red pepper  grinned, salt. Fry it in low flame and stir it in time to time. then put some chopped tomatoes and chillies, cover it and let it cooked. We should not add water to cook  this curry. We should make the flame low and cook it . When it is ready before serving  put lemon juice, stir it and then serve with rice or any other food. Yammy! Yammy! vegetable curry ! I just love it!