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Mom’s recipe ( Colocassia leaves lentil)

Let’s talk about mom’s recipe, cooking daal ( lentil) for Nepali Meal daal bhat. We cook different daal for Nepali meal each day. So our meal goes interesting. As season, colocassia leaves are found in June/ July, a rainy season in Nepal. This vegetable is a huge source of vitamin A. So it is very good for our eyes, for our digestive system. It tastes really good while eating with rice. 36760326_10216632597309420_2596013194459742208_n


Ingredients and cooking method,

1. Colocassia leaves some. Clean it well before you cut.

2. Some salt as your taste

3. some turmeric powder about half tea spoon.

4. some beans, any type like brown soyabeans/ rajma beans. About one small bowl.

5. some rice washed water about half big bowl. All leaves should drown under it. You can use cooked rice or raw rice instead.

6. some red chilies and some fat of any meat , better goat meat fat dried properly. If not some butter.

Firstly you need to cut leaves in to really small pieces, as much as you can in julienne style. 36866253_10216632596829408_8836031974633111552_n


36639373_10216632597829433_5360089086277189632_nNow you need to mix rice washed water, all cut leaves,  beans, salt and turmeric powder. Now cook it well in a pressure cooker. 36786383_10216632596989412_5253340981259927552_n36763226_10216632597509425_337107984448487424_n

Now you need to make hot some oil and fry those cut pieces of goat fat or make hot butter. then fry those red dry chilies till brown. Then chhonk it on well cooked daal. And it should be thik daal. Rady to serve. 36788596_10216632597549426_760255713002913792_n

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