Yog my medicine (19)

After again a long gap im trying to add some more about Yoga. Sorry for longer gap each time.

Let’s continue the rest step of standing postures.

36. Brikshyasana ( Tree pose (a) :

This position is done standing, keeping your legs apart at the size of your shoulders. Put your hands in front of your naval. Keep your right hand palm on left hand palm. Now slowly raise your hands upward breathing in same time. When your palm reached at the side of your shoulders, palm to downward and again raise your hands above your head, stretching them towards the sky. Try to stretch your legs heels up at the same time. Feel that you are trying to touch the sky as longer as you can. Then hands down slowly and back to position. Repeat this three times.

This posture helps to make your body in shape with flexibility, increase height so it is best one for those who wants to increase their height. Specially the growing children. Headache, sinus problem goes.

37. Tadasana (Tree pose (b):

This posture is also done for same reason as Brikshyasana . Little different way we do. Stand up keeping your legs apart. Cross your fingers and keep it in front of your neval. Now raise your hands upward facing your palm to the sky. Stretch them towards the sky, lifting your heels up. Try to stretch your legs and hands as much as you can up breathing in at the same time. Then breath out, keeping hands up. Then breath in and move your upper body to the sides  from each side , from left and from right, stretching your hands, breathing out at the same time , back to the position. hands down.  Then breath in and move down your upper body in front, stretch your hands at the back making your hands crossed. Keep in this position as longer as you can, breathing out. This position is not suggested for those who has heart problems. Then back to the position. Now time to move your body to the back side breathing out. Stay in this position as longer as you can. Back to the position.

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