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Wine can be made at home?? I was quite surprised when i hear the very first time. Ramesh Ram Shrestha, very good friend and brother told me the recipe of and made a promise with me i will make it for sure. And i did it from last year. I started from black grapes. Was awesome. Ramesh dai graded it ” A” quality. And so do our guests from Pagoda who i let it taste it.

So then i did some more wine of normal grapes, plums, mangoes,oranges. It is good to make wine of any juicy sweet fruits like pomegranate, pears etc. Yes, of course grapes is the best.

Let me tell you what Ramesh dai has given me the recipe about grape wine. If you want to make other fruits just you can take any juicy fruit instead of grapes. Rest ingredients are same.

Short ingredients :

1. Grapes – 1 and half kg

2. sugar 1 and half kg ( same amount of fruit or if you like more sweet add or not keep bit less.

3. one egg white

4. 50 grams of wheat grain

5. 20 grams of dry yeast.

6. warm water 2.75 liters

Now you need to clean all your needy utensils clean with hot water. Your hand should be cleaner with hot water as well or you can wear gloves instead.  You need a plastic jar with tight cover and need to keep it in cold place.

First take yeast and put very hot water and soak until it gets well puffed up. Then add all the ingredients in to the warm water. Stir it well. and keep it in cool place with tight cover. You need to stir it everyday about 2/3 minutes. Thats it!! Leave it for 22 days. And then on 23 rd day you need to sieve it. Use white piece of cotton cloth and a siever to keep the liquid apart. When you are done to keep liquid apart put liquid in to a jar again. Then  keep it for more 22 days. Liquid goes cleaner with awesome color. Then on 23rd day pour that clean liquid, wine in to a bottle and put it in to freeze. When it is chilled it is ready to serve with any of your snack to your guests. I bet they will give you very much of good complements for sure.

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