Yog my medicine -(17)

Hello viewers,


I was not able to post some new ones recently. After the strong hit of earthquake in Nepal, it  was terrible time for few months and it is now getting back to normal again. So i thought of my blog and trying to post about yoga more.

Let’s talk about the more postures after we have done before. Now comes to another posture done in position after Bajrasana.

32. Ardhachandrasana ( Half moon faced pose):

To do this posture you need to sit on bajrasana and then stand on knee. Keep your right hand under your left armpit and then right hand on your right arm. Now take a long breathe  in and just tilt back slowly as much as you can. Then move back breathing out. If you feel dizzy close your eyes while tilting back. If not you can open your eyes while doing. Repeat this two more times. This posture is useful for your back.  

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