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Juju Dhau ( king of Yoghurt) only in Bhaktapur

When you visit Bhaktapur, you must try yoghurt , which is known here as Juju dhau. It’s made of cow/buffalo milk. White creamy texture which is sweet as an creamy ice cream . Yammy stuff and it is used for every special occasions here in Bhaktapur in Newar community.

I went to a near by small factory which produces fresh yoghurt daily basis. It is called Famous Dahi Bhandar at Bolachhen tole. Mr. Mrigendra Pradhananga  ( 45) and his family is continuing this business for about 80 years from generation to generation. They are known as Satta dhau here in locals. He told he buys milk from the village market , per liter Rs 70 these days. He makes about 50 pots bigger and smaller in daily basis. He makes three four times more in occasions and festivals. He has pots in four sizes. Small  he charges Rs 150, medium Rs 450, bigger Rs 650 large and extra large in 16 inches and 22 inches costs from Rs 1500 to 3000. To order special ones like without sugar inform him  one day before and others two days before is fine for him, he told.

He starts his work making yoghurt about 6:30 am everyday. He boils milk and cooks it,  hours. He boils and once it is boiled he keeps boiling it for about one or one and half hours. He stirs milk in between several times. He checks every time . When the thikness is ok for yoghurt he starts putting sugar in it as to taste it sweet. Then he prepares the clay pots. He has managed about 2 feet high rice peel of layer . It maintains temperature to keep warm up. He told temperature should be about 50 degrees in winter and about 40 in summer. 

After pots are ready then he pours down milk in each pots about half in first. It needs to be cool down before he puts curd in it.  


He waits to pour more milk about 20 mins and  he checks if milk in pot cools down or not? Then he adds more milk in it slowly and fills it up.



Now it’s time to put one day old curd to make new curd. In small pot one big spoon and for medium three big spoon full is good.

After keeping cover on the pot he covers with cotton quilts so temperature about 50 degrees will be ok.

After covering on quilts he told it needs to keep for 3 hours and  yoghurt will be ready to serve. As it cools down it gets stick in to that pot. To check good quality yoghurt  you can turn over the pot it won’t fall off. So you can eat Yoghurt with muesli , fruits, beaten rice or plain. Enjoy!!

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